Frequently Asked Questions About Studying in Malta
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What currency is used in Malta?

Malta is a member state of the European Union and its national currency is the Euro (Symbol = €). One Euro is approximately equivalent to 1.35 US Dollars (exchange rates will vary).

Are Student Visas difficult to obtain?

No. Malta adopts an extremely welcoming approach to bona fide international students and, provided you satisfy all entry requirements and security clearance, a visa will be awarded following application through the established procedure. LSC Malta will be happy to advise and guide you through the visa application process.

Are there any special health precautions required when travelling to Malta?

No. Visitors do not need to take any special health precautions when travelling to Malta. The level of health care is of an extremely high standard. However it is advisable to have medical insurance cover for the duration of your stay since medical treatment may be expensive and is only offered free of charge to residents of the European Union.

What languages are spoken in Malta?

The local language is Maltese with English being the other national language and spoken by all the population. Italian is also generally well understood and spoken, and several Maltese have learnt French, and to a lesser extent, German or Spanish, at school or privately. Therefore most visitors will not have any difficulties in making themselves understood.